About Brocator

Social + Local + Mobile + Disposable

We're Easy

Open Brocator. Share a private map via text. Meet up where you want with your live, private map.

We're Everywhere

Take us where you need us. Hiking. Movies. Traveling. Miscellaneous adventuring.

Get Together

Join your friends at the game. Don't pick a place to meet. Pick people to meet. Be The Landmark.

No Big Brother BS

Privacy first. Maps expire. No user account required. Social logins only for sharing.


Notable Brocations

Girls Night Out

Go club to club. Meet up on the go.


Find seats. Find food. Find your way back.


Never describe the gate again. Be The Landmark.

Beach Party

More fun in the sun, less time in your phone.


Enjoy the music. Make new friends. Regroup on a dime.

5K Races

Make no mistake: that's your runner.

Theme park

Explore your interests. Come back together for lunch.

Night At The Movies

Need a ride home after the movie? Send Mom your Brocation.

Call For Help

Because who gets a flat next to a mile marker?

Try It Out Yourself

Meetup For Whatever Reason, 24/7.


Read What People Are Saying About Us

“This is great! I've needed this my whole life.”

- Emily Wright

“It's like FidoFinder... but for friends.”

- Nick Baldwin

“This is perfect for meeting up at the concert.”

- Luke "DeathMetalHero" Aglietta

“Brocator saves me time every day.”

- Bennett Elder

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